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I moved to kayteesayseat.com last week. You can get an rss feed here.

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I Moved!!

Thanks to the mister, I am up and running at KayteeSaysEat.com! For now it looks just the same, but I have a feeling it could be something really wonderful soon.

So please update your bookmarks and feeds as after this weekend, I will no longer be updating this website.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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We Go Together…

…like apple juice & a challah roll?


Okay, maybe not an iconic combination like yesterday’s PB&J, but I love it. Usually I eat either yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, but Fridays are a unique day in my breakfast routine. Why? Because Fridays are the day one darling coworker brings in hot fresh donuts from her parents’ donut shop: a huge tray full of sugary, doughy bliss, including my personal weakness… the apple fritter. Now why no donut shops make apple fritters in a normal donut size I will never understand. They are always bigger than everything else, which means even more calories in an already not-very-good-for-you food.


So I decided to be on the offense, rather than trying to defend myself from the smell exuding from the pile of donuts. (More of my sports analogy. Get used to it.) So I stopped at Einstein Brothers and got myself a treat, that way I wouldn’t feel deprived and give in. I waited until I got to the office to eat it too, so I wouldn’t magically forget I had it. I also had a method to what I chose: apple juice for the sweet tooth and the fluffy challah roll for the carb craving.

So was this really a better choice? Let’s compare the two. To clarify, it’s Martinelli’s 100% juice in the little bottle + an Einstein plain Challah roll vs. a Krispy Kreme Apple Fritter.

Apple Juice & Challah Roll

Apple Fritter

400 calories
3.5 g fat
.5 g saturated fat
44 g sugar
9 g protein
1 g fiber
380 calories
20 g fat
10 g saturated fat
24 g sugar
4 g protein
2 g fiber


So the juice and the challah roll have more calories, more sugar, and less fiber, but the sugar is natural sugar from the juice. The fritter, however, has so much more fat. Not to mention, I’d probably still go downstairs and get something to drink, because my sugar craving would not really be satisfied. And the apple juice and the challah roll left me feeling much more full than the fritter would have. So over all, I declare the juice/roll combination the winner of this comparison.

 Now what would have been the best decision? Skip the juice and have an apple. Drink tea or water instead. That’s how much sugar is in the juice and you’re losing all the fiber from the apple.

How do you keep yourself from giving into sweets? And what is worth the splurge for you?

For me… I’ll always give in for a good cannoli or crème brule. Totally worth it.

In other news, my boyfriend, sweet boy that he is, will be transferring me from this wordpress blog to my own domain sometime this weekend. I’ll be sure to let you know when I make the switch!

Happy Friday!

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PB & J Thursday!

PB & J is a classic combination, and of course, it can be enjoyed any day of the week, but Thursday is particularly special. Mostly because of these two. . . .

Awww. Yes! It’s the season premiere of The Office Tonight, and these two Pam Beasley & Jim, go together like… you guessed it. : ) To celebrate the return of my favorite tv couple, and their super exciting news, here are a few other winning pb& j combinations.

The classic PB&J Sandwich… I like mine toasted or even grilled.

PB & J Cupcakes

PB & J Bars

PB & J Pie

My new favorite, PB & J Oats

And just because I love them so much, here’s one more.

What is your favorite classic combination… food or couple?


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Protecting Ourselves and Each Other

I know you guys were expecting a birthday recap when I came back, but I hate to say… I didn’t take a single picture. We went to Simply Fondue and it was too dark for iPhone pictures. In our hurry to make it to our reservation, no one grabbed a camera. I’m sorry to disappoint, but it was a great night, a great birthday, to wrap up another great year. 23 will be my best year yet!

This post, however, has a bigger purpose. I know I have a primarily female audience, but these things can apply to males just as much. I cannot stress to you how important it is to be cautious and protect ourselves.

Kelli mentioned the other day that she bought a whistle to take with her on runs, to scare off or bring attention to attackers. After taking a women’s self defense class, I have a few more suggestions to keep in mind during runs, drives, or even just walking to your car.

  • Have your keys ready on your walk to your car. Digging for them can be distracting and give attackers time to make a move.
  • Always, always lock your car doors, even if you are just running into the gas station for a second.
  • Do not be distracted by your phone, mp3 player, GPS, anything. Staying alert is key.
  • Make sure to face outwards when loading groceries into your car so you can see anyone who may come your way.
  • If you run/walk frequently, change your route when possible, keeping note of “safe” places, such as stores, public places, and homes of friends.
  • Try to travel in groups or stay in well-lit, public places.
  • Let people know where you are and how long you intend to be gone , so they will know to look for you were something to happen.

This issue has been on my mind because a young female friend of mine went missing Monday night. She was usually a very responsible person who was both easy to get a hold of and very active online, via blogs, twitter, IM. No one had heard from her and when she didn’t show up for her dinner plans, many of her friends and family began to panic. One person called hospitals, one called the cops to check her house, and many others constantly tried to reach her.

She was found tonight. She was safe, but she was not necessarily okay. She had been drinking, and like I said was usually very responsible, but an unknown breach in her safety led to being drugged, wrecking her car, and spending close to 48 hours hallucinating in a hospital no one would have expected. I, among many others, am so relieved that she is alive, but my heart is heavy after hearing the news of her attack.

Attacks can come in a number of ways. Just because the perpetrator doesn’t come at you violently doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. In a restaurant/bar/party scenario, there are ways to protect yourself, and your friends, as well.

  • Keep your drink with you. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t just have your friend watch it, as they can get distracted. Keep it with you, even in the bathroom.
  • If you realize you have left your drink unattended, pour it out. Even a 10 dollar martini is not worth the possible repercussions.
  • Stay aware. If you drink too much, you may not be able to keep an eye on drinks or make good judgment calls. If you insist on getting trashed, have a sober friend close by, but do keep in mind that the best person to protect you is you.
  • Don’t drink from communal punch bowls or pre-poured drinks. Don’t share, either.
  • That said… make your own drink, open your own beer, even pour your own water. Alcohol is not the only beverage that can be drugged. Food can be contaminated as well.
  • Be alert of anything that looks, tastes, or smells funny.
  • Don’t accept a ride home from anyone you don’t know, or even share a cab.
  • If you think you have been drugged or assaulted, even if it’s the next morning, see a doctor. Don’t be embarrassed or just brush it off. You need to be checked out.
  • Keep an eye out for friends who may be acting funny… especially if they’re acting really drunk after one or no drinks.
  • Don’t. Drink. Alone.

While I am glad my friend is alive, I know that somehow this could have been prevented. I’d apologize for a rather depressing post, but this is too important to remain unsaid. Even if you know these tips already, it never hurts to be reminded.

Please keep my friend in your thoughts. Be safe!!


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Time Out

Thank you for all the birthday wishes over the past few days and all of the encouraging remarks.

If only kind thoughts were enough to cure what ails you.

I need a day or two off from blogging to regroup and hopefully I’ll be back with a clear mind and a happier heart.
Thank you again, for your encouragement today and every day.



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Today is my day!

First things first…



Just a warning… you should expect a lot of pictures like these on Monday mornings for the next few months : )

The ‘Boys started out the season by defeating Tampa Bay 34-21. I started out the season by not eating potato chips on the couch. We all have our own victories, right?

Not to get all corny with the sports analogies, but the best defense really is a good offense. It’s hard to want greasy, MSG-covered potato chips when you’re eating something much more delicious, which for me was hummus & pita chips. I didn’t take a picture… but you guys read food blogs, you know what it looks like.

Now, on to breakfast. As much as I’d have loved to have a birthday cupcake (thank you, Nicci!) I was instead finally introduced to the HOLY YUM that is Oikos. I have tried Chobani and TJ’s Greek yogurt before, both in fruit flavors, but the honey Oikos was heavenly. I think it will also be easier for my transition from the HFCS stuff to nonfat Greek. (Redefining the good stuff, you know?)


I ate my Oikos with Multigrain Cheerios that I’m trying to finish off before I buy more groceries. Not pictured is a darlin’ clementine, because, well, I ate it in the car. : )

As for the rest of my day, I have work, then school, then my first day of C25k, finished off with a surprise birthday dinner with my family. I have no idea where we’re going but Mom & Dad said I should enjoy it. We’ll see. ; )

Here are a few pictures from back in 1987… Have a happy Monday!

Eating my first ice cream cone on my first birthday!

Eating my first ice cream cone on my first birthday

Look at that happy girl w/ her birthday presents!

Look at that happy girl w/ her birthday presents


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